little drummer boy

That Time of Year

My annual attempt to avoid That Song has already met with defeat. At the dentist today for a cleaning, I asked them to turn the music off in my room somewhere around Carol of the Bells, so was safe for a bit. But on my walk back to the car, I ducked into a resale shop and .. There He Was.

First blood has been drawn. Now I'm just aiming for a low score.

My life as a lab rat

Weeks ago: An endocrinologist cruised the sleep clinic looking for rats to see if sleep issues correlate with diabetes. I signed up.
Last night, 10 PM: Fasting.
This morning, 8 AM: Show up, get weighed, plumbed for the test, baseline fasting glucose: 79.
9:22 or so: Shoot me up with something to suppress my own house-made insulin.
9:26: Start drops of glucose and factory insulin.
Every half hour: Measure glucose.
Some time in the middle: Watch Ice Age 2, listen to podcasts.
Some time around 11:00: mention that I feel a bit loopy.
Pretty soon after: tests suspended, orange juice administered, hospital lunch applied.

The goal was to see where my glucose leveled out after about three hours. Mine hit 49 and looked to be heading down. I was already in the low low quintile, heading for a personal best. So really, that was all the information they needed.

End result: My cells are really good at using insulin. They totally rock.

DVD player

I don't like electronics much, but after many years it turns out I really don't like having a DVD on the PowerBook not read less. Uhh wait, "more". Anyway, it's the whole sentence that's at fault not just that last word.

I ordered a portable DVD player.

CPAP week 1

Since people are asking ..

I got my CPAP machine about a week ago, and haven't really slept well since. It's not uncomfortable, it doesn't keep me from going to sleep, the face-hugger doesn't feel strange.

But I am among the estimated 10% who are night-time mouth breathers. I'm using a CPAP with nasal pillows and nothing in or about my mouth. What happens with a CPAP machine in place is that in REM sleep my body goes very limp, and my jaw opens. What the CPAP does then is push air through my nose, which air then wants to come out of my mouth. This is disturbing in the best of circumstances, and wakes me right up. And so it wakes me up right as REM starts, which is very annoying, and pretty much the problem I went to the sleep doctors for in the first place: interrupted REM sleep.

Many solutions are possible, and I am trying many of them. Oh so many. At some point, full face mask. For now various kinds of different chin-strap to try to keep my mouth shut. I'm engineering new ones out of Ace bandages and tape and safety pins. I just ordered an anti-snore dental appliance. Something should help.

And just to end on some humor .. I say that the air comes in my nose and out my mouth, and wakes me up. All true. But most of the time the reason is that it makes me raspberry. If you ask a close friend, he or she could probably blow air through your nose and you can see what it's like.

podcast recomendations

I have one of them-thar player things now, a G1 Android. It's been swell catching up on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Car Talk, and This American Life.

I'm sort of annoyed that some shows I like seem to think I'll pay $2.95 to listen to them. I mean, paying or content is a very interesting topic, but not today.

What other free podcasts are there that you think I might enjoy?